637 being towed back from the museum to Bodø Airbase. Note Norsk Luftfartsmuseum in the background with its
characteristic propeller-shape. The tower, which once controlled the Starfighters movements, is now placed on the top.

Friday 13th september 2002 No 637 was handed over from The Norwegian Aviation Museum to the recource-group. The event took place at the museum. In the chillfull, windy climate of northern Norway, the plane was towed out from the museum-hall and brought back to its old habitat, Bodø Airbase. Col. Anders Utgård (FMU) gave the group best whishes in their efforts, and handed them a gift, a spur on a plate. Pilots on the F-104 strapped these spurs to their heels. The spurs were connected to the seat with wires and would pull the pilots feet back on ejection. The seremony was well covered in the local press. Later the same day the F-104 veterans gathered to celebrate at the museums cafe "Gidsken".

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637 is taken out ofmuseum almost twenty years after her last flight.

It is the working groups goal to let the public see - and hear her take off and climb towards the skies.

In this ceremony the Norwegian Aviation Museum gives the go-ahead for the project.