In use Royal Canadian Airforce 1961-1971
334 Squadron   from 21.07.1973  633 and renumbered 4633 from late july.1973
CF-104D mk1 , Canadair Construction Number  583A-5303
Formerly Serial  12633 , from 18.05.1970 Serial Number 104633
WFU 19.11.82. In Rnoaf , Stored at Sola. Named "4633" in Rnoaf because of there already was a 633 starfighter in service with RNoaf . Used as an exchange object by the Defence Museum Loadstar and sent to USA 11.11.1987. Exists today in the USA. This two-seater is owned by Mark Sherman . First civil reg N104JR , Current reg  N104
Tatt ut av bruk .19.11.1982.Lagret på Sola.Ble 4633 i Luftforsvaret p.g.a det var allerede en annen Starfighter som het 633.Brukt som bytteobjekt med flymuseet på Gardermoens Loadstar.Denne to seteren opereres av Mark Sherman,USA og har sivil regnr N104
a.CF104D 12633 NATO public relations photo

b.104633 circa mid 70s Norsk Luftfartsmuseum , fotoarkiv





g.104633.3.firstreg N104JR

h.104633.5.static displayed

Picture / bilde 1 NATO, 3-6 Einar Johannessen ,7, Ralph m Pettersen,8 Eric Coeckelberghs

.........................RCAF 633 in the 60`s ...Photo: NATO Public relations photo (via Eric Tammer)